Lunh Speial $7.49
K1: rispy Sprin roll $3.50

K2- Veies Sprin Roll
K2- Veies Sprin Roll
K2: rispy veie sprin roll $3.50

K3: Shrimp summer roll $3.99

K4: rilled pork Autumn roll $3.99

K5: rilled hiken Winter roll $3.99

K6: Tofu, veies roll $3.99

K7: Viet meatball roll $4.99

K3- Shrimp Summer Roll
K3- Shrimp Summer Roll
K8: rilled Beef roll $4.99

K9: Shrimp paste roll $4.99

K10: Jiama roll $4.99

K11: Four seasons roll $8.50

K12: Kin roll $12.50

K13: Lettue boat (3) $5.99

K6- 4 Season Roll
K11- 4 Season Roll
K14: Fried tofu $3.50

K15: Roket shrimp $6.99

K16: rilled shrimps on stik $8.99

K17: rilled short rib $7.99

K18: Valentine shrimp toast $5.99

K19: Fried wonton $3.99

K10- herry Blossom Shrimp Wonton
K19- Fried Wonton
K20: herry blossom shrimp wonton $6.99

K21: Fried pork dumplin $4.99

K22: Streamed pork dumplin $4.99

K23: Fried dumplin Sampler $5.99

K24: Steamed dumplin Sampler $5.99

K25: Shrimp paste on suarane $12.99

K13- Steamed Dumplins
K22- Steamed Dumplins
K26: Beef wrapped in rape leaves $12.99

K27: Pho Viet triple ombo $24.99

K26-Beef in rape leave

( P ) Served with bean sprout, basil and jalepeno.

P1: Pho Supreme Speial $11.95

P1- House Speial Pho
P2- House Speial Pho
P2: House Speial Pho $10.95

P3: Pho Plain $7.50

P4: Pho Veie $8.95

P5: Pho Veie, veie broth $8.95

P6: Pho Fish filet $8.95

P7: Pho Steamed hiken $8.95

P8: Pho rilled hiken $8.95

P9: Pho Eye rounds $8.95

P10: Pho Briskets $9.95

P11: Pho Eye rounds, briskets $9.95

P12: Pho Eye rounds, tendon $9.95

P13: Pho Meatball $9.95

P14: Pho Meatball, eye rounds $9.95

P15: Pho Meatball, briskets $9.95

P16: Pho Meatball, tendon $9.95

P17: Pho rill pork hop $9.95

P18: Pho Shrimp $10.95

P19: Pho Seafood $11.95

P20: Pho Beef ball soup (small) $4.95

P21: Pho Roll $5.95

piy Beef Noodle Soup

N1: Hue Speial Soup $11.95

B1- Hue Beef Noodle Soup Speial
N1- Hue Spiy Beef Noodle Soup Speial
N2: Hue eye of rounds $9.95

N3: Hue Beef shin $10.95

N4: Hue Beef shin, eye rounds $10.95

N5: Hue shrimp paste balls $10.95

lear hiken soup

hoose with e noodles or rie noodles

H1: House Speial lear Soup $12.95

H1- lear Soup House Speial
H1- lear Noodle Soup House Speial
H2: lear Soup With veie $8.95

H3: lear Soup rilled hiken $8.95

H4: lear Soup Fish balls $8.95

H5: lear Soup Fish fillet $8.95

H6: lear Soup pork hop $9.95

H7: lear Soup Shrimp $10.95

H8: lear Soup Seafood $11.95

H9: Wonton & e noodle $7.95

H10: Wonton, veie soup $8.95

Rie Udon soup

U1: Udon speial soup $12.95

U2: Udon veie $8.95

U3: Udon pork hok $8.95

U4: Udon fish paste $9.95

U5: Udon shrimp $10.95

U6: Udon shrimp & pork $10.95

U7: Udon shrimp paste $10.95

U8: Udon seafood $11.95

Vermielli Rie Noodle

( N )Served with lettue, uumber, rushed peanut and speial house saue

N6: Vermielli noodle speial $11.95

B3 Vermielli Rie Noodles House Speial
N6- Vermielli Rie Noodles House Speial
N7: Vermielli Tofu $7.95

N8: Vermielli E roll $8.95

N9: Vermielli rilled hiken $8.95

N10: Vermielli rilled slies pork $8.95

N11: Vermielli rilled meat ball $8.95

N12: Vermielli rilled beef $9.95

N13: Vermielli Eroll slie pork $9.95

N14: Vermielli Shrimp paste $9.95

N15: Vermielli Stir fried beef lemonrass $9.95

N16: Vermielli rilled shrimp $10.95

N17: Vermielli rilled short rib $11.95

Rie with rilled meat

( ) Served with tomatoes, uumber, lettue and house speial saue

1: Rie speial $11.95

rilled hiken On Rie Platter
4 rilled hiken On Rie Platter
2: Rie Pork hop ombo- $11.95

3: Rie Slie pork ombo $11.95

4: Rie rilled hiken $8.95

5: Rie rilled slies pork $8.95

6: Rie rilled pork hop $8.95

7: Rie rilled beef $9.95

8: Rie rilled shrimp $10.95

9: Rie rilled short rib $11.95

( 10 15) Served with steamed rie or vermielli rie noodle

10: Tofu urry $8.95

11: Veie urry $8.95

5 - urry beef
14 urry Beef
12: hiken urry $9.95

13: Fish urry $10.95

14: Beef urry $10.95

15: Shrimp urry $11.95

lay Pot

( 16 24 ) Served with steamed rie or brown rie

Sweet and savory aramelized saue, onion, sallion, bell pepper simmered in the lay pot

16: Tofu laypot $8.95

17: Veie laypot $8.95

11- lay Pot With Fish
19- lay Pot With Fish
18: hiken laypot $9.95

19: Fish laypot $10.95

20: Beef laypot $10.95

21: Shrimp laypot $11.95

22: Steamed hoy sum $7.95

23: Sweet & sour fish soup $14.95

24: Sweet & sour shrimp soup $14.95

Sinature dishes

Stir fried spiy lemonrass-

D1: Spiy tofu lemonrass $11.95

D2: Spiy hiken lemonrass $11.95

D3: Spiy fish lemonrass $12.95

D4: Spiy beef lemonrass $13.95

D5: Spiy shrimp lemonrass $13.95

Stir fried with exoti Pineapple

D6: Tofu pineapple $11.95

D7: hiken pineapple $11.95

D8: Fish pineapple $12.95

D9: Beef pineapple $13.95

D10: Shrimp pineapple $13.95

D4 a) Stir Fried Beef With Brooli, arli saue
D14 Beef With Brooli
D11: Tofu brooli $11.95

D12: hiken brooli $11.95

D13: Fish brooli $12.95

D14: Beef brooli $13.95

D15: Shrimp brooli $13.95
D16: Tofu mixed veie $11.95
D17: hiken mixed veie $11.95

D18: Fish mixed veie $12.95

D19: Beef mixed veie $13.95

D20: Shrimp mixed veie $13.95

D21: Tofu eplant $11.95

D22: hiken eplant $11.95

D23: Beef eplant $13.95

D24: Shrimp eplant $13.95

Stir fried e noodles

D25: Stir fried speial $15.95

D26: Tofu soft noodle $11.95

D27: Veie soft noodle $11.95

D28: hiken soft noodle $12.95

D29: Beef soft noodle $14.95

D30: Shrimp soft noodle $14.95

D31: Seafood soft noodle $15.95

rispy e noodles

D32: rispy house speial $15.95

D33: Tofu rispy noodle $11.95

D34: Veie rispy noodle $11.95

D35: hiken rispy noodle $12.95

D36: Beef rispy noodle $14.95

D37: Shrimp rispy noodle $14.95

D38: Seafood rispy noodle $15.95

D39: Speial fried rie $13.95

D40: Veie fried rie $10.95

D41: hiken fried rie $10.95

D42: Pork fried rie $11.95

D43: Beef fried rie $12.95

D44: Shrimp fried rie $12.95

rystal noodle

D45: rystal noodle with beef $15.95

D46: rystal noodle with shrimp $15.95

D47: rystal noodle with seafood $16.95

D48: Shaky beef on Lettue $13.95

Speial Salads

Shredded abbaes salad

Sweet and sour shredded abbae with mint leaves, slied onion & rushed peanuts
S1: Plain abbaes salad- $8.95

S2: Fried tofu abbaes salad $10.95

S3: rilled hiken abbaes salad $10.95

S4: Steamed hiken abbaes salad $10.95

S5: rilled shrimp abbaes salad- $12.95

S6: Steamed shrimp abbaes salad- $12.95

S7: Shrimp and pork abbaes salad $12.95

S8: rilled pork hop abbaes salad $12.95

S9: rilled slies pork abbaes salad $12.95

S10: rill beef abbaes salad $12.95

House Salad:

S11: House Salad $3.99

S12: Salad with fried tofu $5.99

S16 House Salad With rilled Shrimp
S13: Salad with rilled hiken $6.99

S14: Salad with rilled slies pork $6.99

S15: Salad with rilled beef $7.99

S16: Salad with rilled shrimp (6) $8.99

Lettue wrap

S17: Tofu lettue wrap $6.99

S18: hiken lettue wrap $6.99


aramel ustard $3.25

Blak Eyed peas Puddin w/ oonut Milk $3.25

Sweet Rie, orn Puddin w/ oonut Milk $3.50

Banana ake With oonut Milk $3.50

Rainbow Ie $4.50

Smoothies/Bubble Tea

Smoothie $4.00

Smoothie With Pearl $4.50

hoose With :

Avoado, Mano, Pineapple, Watermelon, Honey Dew, Banana, Strawberry, Berry, Durian, oonut, Taro, reen Tea, pina olada

Vietnamese Hot/ Ie offee $3.25

Vietnamese Hot/ Ie Milk offee $3.50

Vietnamese Lemonade w/ Preserved Plum $2.75

Apple Juie $2.75

Vita oonut Drink $3.25

Thailand Ie Tea $3.00

Thailand Ie Tea With Pearl $3.50

Soda $1.75

oke, Sprite, Orane, Ie tea
Bottle Water $1.50

Perrier (11 oz) $2.75

lub Soda (Bottle) $2.00


A1- Sprin Roll (20) $30.00

A2- Veies Sprin Roll (30) $30.00

A3- Shrimp Summer Roll (20) $36.00

A4- Autumn Roll (20) $36.00

A5- Winter Roll (20) $36.00

A6- Fried Wonton (60) $36.00

A7- Pan Fried Or Steamed Dumlins (40) $45.00

A8- Beef Wrapped In rape Leaves (40) $55.00